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How are you guys holding up?

I know it is still a judging period, but still I am already excited to see winners of the contest. I went over most of other submissions, partially with an intention to compare the one that my team submitted with others :D; however, I've seen so many great ideas potentially can become new forms of digital media, and even as new businesses. I think we all should proud of ourself to make something meaningful out of that irritating* Lex (sorry AWS, but it is what it is); however, at the same time, the whole experience working with/on Lex was quite entertaining and refreshing, and it shows a lot of potential of AI-based interactive media. Even though the current version of Lex doesn't like to take an array type slot (please make sure to add in the next version), but I an my friend are already planning a next fun Lex-based project.

I hope all you guys are holding up well until the August 11th. Also, I would appreciate if you share your feelings, or any opinions about Lex.

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    Working on this project was a great learning experience. I do appreciate what AWS is trying to do with Lex, and I'm excited to see how it evolves in the future. There were a lot of interesting projects submitted; I hope people can look to them for inspiration, possibly for next year's contest, if there is one. I know I will :)

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