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almost 6 years ago

Join us on Twitch for a live-coding session today at 4PM ET!

Slack and AWS join forces live on Twitch.TV/AWS today at 4PM ET to code a chatbot using Amazon Lex and AWS Lambda!

We’ll be building a Lex-powered serverless chatbot that lets users grab descriptions of upcoming Twitch episodes and then vote on which one should be next. We’ll cover authorization, operations, and persistence using AWS Lambda and Amazon DynamoDB (as well as third-party authorization through Twitch, Slack, or another provider). Today's stream can also be a great place to get ideas or questions answered if you are participating in the [AWS Chatbot Challenge.](

Randall Hunt (@jrhunt) will be joined by Helen Zeng, a Partner Engineer on Slack's Developer Relations team. She helps partners and developers bring their workflows directly into Slack. She previously worked on developer platforms at Twitter and Microsoft, and is always willing to talk your ear off about API design!

For more information on previous or upcoming episodes, visit

See you today!